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Meet Nonny

Who is Nonny? 

Nonny's twelve. About to be thirteen, in fact. She's quiet but vibrant, over-excited and a habitual daydreamer. She tries to listen in class, but thinking about the beach in Jamaica, or her upcoming birthday party, is way more exciting. 


What does she like?


Planning the party of the year, Collecting stones (but that's a secret), junk food, CAKE, hanging out with her two BFFs, writing lists, playing with her little brother Isaac, singing loudly in the shower. And of course, Daniel (siiigh). 

​What does she dislike?


Having such strict bossy parents who only care about chores and homework, arguing, being shy (especially around Daniel). And last but definitely not least... Amber Wartsworth and Becky Ritchcraft - The Witches (ugh).

​Who are her best friends?


Georgia and Nyah – the greatest friends of all time. They may bicker quite a bit, but they will always be there for each other.

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