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Nonny's Birthday Bash: Confetti & Catastrophe

Illustrated by Priscilla Bampoh

When Nonny's super-strict mum FINALLY lets her throw a party for her thirteenth birthday, it feels like a dream come true. (No, seriously. Her mum usually says no to everything.)

For once, Nonny gets what she's always wanted — an extravagant cake, the most stylish dress she's EVER worn, and even one of those cool photo booths that only celebrities have! Plus, with her best friends Georgia and Nyah by her side, and her breathtaking crush in the same room as her, it's bound to be the party of the year.


Better yet, Amber Wartsworth and Becky Ritchcraft (AKA The Witches) are NOT invited. 

Nothing could possibly go wrong. Right?

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